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Engage, understand and leverage conversation. Graphic recordings are a great learning tool for strategic workshops and corporate events. It is a highly beneficial tool for Change Management, Project Management, and Team Building. Virtual events are no problem. Visit Digital Scribing to learn more.

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With Graphic Recording, anywhere and everywhere becomes your workspace! I listen live in the room to conversations and capture them on the board. Visuals tie everything together. When the event ends, I should have one or more completed boards. People love to come up and see the boards at the break!

Some prep work and research is done beforehand, but the magic of a Graphic Recording is that it happens LIVE and in the moment. There is a certain magic and energy that comes with that.

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Graphic Recordings are a wonderful addition to any event, and a helpful learning tool. Digital copies can be made from the recordings and sent out by email to participants. They are also great visual summaries for reports. 

Neuland markers are the industry standard for Graphic recording. They are scentless, refillable, don't bleed through paper and come in a wide range of colours. They are a sustainable choice and high quality.


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"Not only was her artwork great, (our clients were thrilled and have posted her recordings on the walls of their boardrooms.) but it truly captured all the thinking from the day. Since we move extremely fast in our sessions and do a lot of work in breakout groups, this is not a small task."

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