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Brittany Datchko is a graphic recorder and illustrator living in downtown Toronto. She is passionate about helping people see the BIG picture by listening to client goals, challenges and insights, and turning them into stunning visual maps. You can see more of her projects via the social media links below. Click here to send her a friendly "hello" and see how you and your team can benefit from her services.

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Brittany considers herself a life-long artist. An avid doodler since childhood, she often found herself in trouble for drawing on everything she could get her hands on. Years later she discovered that this "bad habit" would blossom into a successful career.
She graduated with a Diploma in Sequential Arts, but began to take an interest in business. Particularly, what helped teams work more effectively based on different learning and leadership styles. 
While working at a studio an art instructor, Brittany spent a year apprenticing as an assistant Graphic Recorder. Her eyes were opened to a whole new way of using her artistic skills and visuals to help share knowledge and deepen people's understanding of any topic. Complex topics could be simplified visually for maximum efficiency.
Brittany began her business, Graphic Journeys in 2018. She began working for Fuselight Creative in 2022. 
Brittany loves broadening the understanding of women's rights, LGBTQ2S+ rights, mental health and elevating BIPOC voices. Diversity and inclusion is very important to her. Everyone deserves to be seen, and when everyone feels that they are included, they are much more likely to hold onto the message you want to share.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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