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Uniquely connecting people, ideas, and information. Digital graphic recordings keep your team on the same page by summarizing and capturing key insights of discussions. Increase the impact of your next event! Read below to learn more about the Digital Recording process. Viewing via mobile will not show process descriptions. Switch to desktop to view. You can view more examples here.

Untitled_Artwork 222.png

This recording was captured in an hour. The title was decided beforehand. An event agenda is helpful in order to plan out how many "pages" will be needed for the recording. Large banners are used to illustrate the important topics. The use of colour helps the reader's eye travel through the information. It was important to include at least one person who identified as non-binary. Colours used match with the Client's brand guidelines. 

Untitled_Artwork 88.png

A longer capture, this client wanted everything kept to one page. It is a lot of information but turned out very well. For this virtual event, there was an ASL translators in attendance. She is captured signing in the top left. The speaker, Rania El Mugammar, is caricatured and attached to the title's banner. Before the event, images from her site were studied and reflected onto this board. (The three hands and branches) 

It is very important to keep diversity in mind. Wheelchairs, hearing aids, canes, etc. are all included regardless of context. A quick scan of the room (or zoom room) gives insight into the demographic of the audience. Someone may find themselves included on the board as a background character. It is an enjoyable part of the work to have people happily point out a character who they recognize! It connects people to the work. 

Untitled_Artwork 107.png

This recording was captured in an hour. Art comes secondary to Graphic Recording. While the drawings may not be detailed, they are iconic and impactful. Our brain is able to take in the information easily with the aid of visuals. The light pathway in the background connects all the information. It also tells you where to begin and end. The colour palette was kept minimal so as not to be overstimulating.  


Graphic Recordings are great for any topic of discussion. When the subject matter is more serious, it important to not use images that are too "cartoon-like". For this image, real photos were used as reference to convey more emotion and a more serious tone. 


Digital Scribing
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